Tacha Cries For Help

The queen of the titans, Tacha is set to thrill her audience to another sizzling performance; Yay Or Nay!!


Natacha Ibinabo Akide popularly known as Tacha got her big break from the eponymous Big Brother Reality Show- Pepper Dem Season. Before her BigBrother debut, Tacha was an Instagram sensation with a mound of followers.

Down on Instagram, Tacha’s notoriety was made obvious through various racy videos and pictures holding her own and capping on the influencer title for emerging brands most of which were organic brands and of course her Symply Tacha enterprise.

Fast forward to 2019, in rounds making the internet, some video suggested that the 24-year old Instagram sensation was seen in an audition ground for Bigbrother season 4. The result was an uproar of reactions from her followers and online observers who believed it was out of character for her and her Symlpy Tacha brand.

And then came the big reveal, Big Brother announced its housemates and Tacha got into the house amidst the speculations of how she got there anyway, but one thing was obvious, no longer than her stay, she became the enemy of the house. For many, it seemed like the toxicity that was synonymous with her before the house couldn’t stay contained.

The house saw the defiance and unruly nature of the Titan as she began displaying some deterring behavioral stunts which most people saw as a replication of a previous housemate Cee-C in 2018. It then clicked that, Tacha was feigning a character but it was one of her flaws. She had a height of arrogance that bought her untimely exit from the house, in what became the most talked about event in the history of the show- a fight with her number 1 contender- Mercy, who later emerged the winner of the show. A Poetic Justice!!

Tacha had all the markings of a star but time and time again her arrogance and self-importance have taken her off the path to success.  For her, it is a case of being bereft of reality and presence which is based on her recent engagements since her exit from the show. With a polarizing personality as hers, the influence over her brooding fandom seems to get the better part of any conversation, with them displaying their unwavering loyalty.

After getting the much-needed brush-up from entertainment manager and Tiwa Savage‘s Ex-husband-Teebillz in what he described as the “Vision is clear” movement, bagging endorsements and brokering of influencing deals, the two parted ways in a silent dissolution which they tagged as Moving forward. But sources alleged that it was out of irreconcilable differences, presumed to come from Tacha, again exhibiting a defiant stance to issues.

She goes on to debut a clothing line that nobody wants to be a part of, even her so-called titans. She prefers to isolate herself and seek no wisdom from the ones that have gone before her -a price for her ignorance.

Newsflash -the line failed woefully and she’s back with another grand idea. A reality show- Keeping Up With Tacha. Lol! She couldn’t even keep herself in one. The illusions of grandeur by replicating  Keeping Up with the Kardashian sure looks really bad, as this venture signals “A Cry For Help”. Tacha sure needs some class or help from Mercy or Venita.

Well, the conclusion for this writer will be this, Tacha is one with prospects, without a hinge of BigBrother’s doubt, she’s always showed the signs but in real-time, all she does is fall below the standards. Tacha needs to be more intentional about her brand and seek help, allow people to lead her- as she was doing fine with Teebillz before their drama. It’s okay to not be in control all the time. Get somebody that has some business acumen, knowledge and most of all sense on the know-how of things and take a step back to focus on the star that she is.

Watch the video teaser here!

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Written by Annie Phillips


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