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Did Toke Makinwa Just Get Her Lips Done?

You know how your phone rings in your dream but it’s actually ringing in real life? It happened to me around 1 am last night, or this morning.

When the phone rang the third time, I woke up and saw it’s an acquaintance I hold in high regard, the kind you always pick up. He’s based in the US so I understand that time difference messes with the best of us. Also, he knows I’m  a light sleeper and we’ve had many conversations in the middle of the night.

So I picked up and found out it was just him checking up on me. That lasted for about 45 seconds or 1 minute, the next thing he asked me was if I noticed that Toke Makinwa had a lip job. In my mind, I was like “Whaaaat?” But I replied, “I haven’t seen anything Toke since her Camel Toe episode.

The amebo in me did not let sleep get the better of me at that moment, so I checked her page and glanced through the last three photos she posted. Then I started drifting to sleep. He asked again if I had seen it, my sleepy head said Yes I have, and mumbled some BS. Then I heard him say something about a window. Long story short, I ignored what he told me and rounded up the convo and went to sleep.

Later today, I thought about the issue and decided to have a look.

That was when I saw this photo, the window photo my friend was talking about.

Zoom in on her lips in this image.

So I agree with my guy, Toke had a lip job, unless I’m proven otherwise in the near future.

But why am I so sure? 

Well let’s start from the fact that Toke has been in the US for a few days, where she spoke at the African Business Conference at Harvard business school.


Just before putting up the “window photo”, she announced that she was starting her own lip product company. And how else to get yourself ready for the launch of your product than to get your lips ready for the public scrutiny.

Kylie Jenner did it for her own lipstick brand and so it won’t be surprising that Toke has towed the same line.


Earlier in 2018 we noticed a drastic change in Toke’s backside and knew she had her bum done but she did not confirm this then, not until December that year when she revealed that she had done some work on her body.


Yeah! We’ve seen several photos of Toke’s side view and it’s not hard to see the difference.

Let’s check it out them:

You get the point now?

What do you think?

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Written by Ephraim Adiele


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