Touching! Plane Crash Survivor, Kechi Shares Her Experience of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is becoming more rampant and Kechi Okwuchi, one of the two survivors of the Sosoliso plane crash in 2005 talks about dealing with trolls online.

Kechi took to Instagram to share a response from a Twitter user who mocked her ‘burnt face.’ She shared a note along with it which read:

Opportunities show up in the most interesting places. This comment under my most recent tweet has given me a chance to address online bullying. When faced with this there’s a no. of steps I can take:

1- IGNORE. Though I like my response here, I regret responding at all, because the no 1 reason ppl say mean things online is FOR ATTENTION. Remember that. So once you don’t even acknowledge them, they have no power. Now, you may encounter cyberbullies who persistently push you online no matter how much you ignore them.

Step 2- BLOCK AND/OR REPORT. It’s your page, your feed, you have some measure of control over what appears on it. I’m not saying block and report ppl who disagree with you, that’s childish. But if someone says something like the above to you in person, you most likely won’t sit to listen to it. So the same way you’d block and cancel ppl who talk this way to you irl, the same thing online: CANCEL THEM. Now if all this didn’t work and you simply must respond like I felt the need to:

EXPOSE THEM. If they did it to you, they’ve done it to others. We live in a world where ppl are more informed and less tolerant of such behaviour. So if you must reply, never fight fire for fire. I exposed this bully and as ppl came for him through my post I didn’t even have to block him myself as you can see, online bullies can’t take what they dish out and are only brave behind a screen. Ok, I’m done. I hope this helps someone #onlinebullying #bullyingprevention #cyberbullying.’

It glad to see her raise awareness about this and preach love in spite of the negativity, cause in the end, she is a survivor. So next time someone tries to bully you, use some of these tactics from Kelechi and don’t be bothered.

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Written by Jessica Oguh


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