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Pete Edochie Was Right, Men Shouldn’t Kneel Down To Propose In Africa

So once again, Nollywood legend, Pete Edochie has provoked the ire of feminists after he rained insults on men who kneel down while proposing to their beloved.

In case you missed out on the gist here is it

This latest video wreaked havoc on social media as people spoke for and against Pete Edochie’s points.

In no time, Pete Edochie became a trending topic on Twitter.


So as you can see, everybody wanted to have a go at the topic and it was very interesting to watch.

Before you start telling us your point of view, let us put a few facts into perspective.


Except a pockets of exceptions, the majority of cultures and traditions in African societies are not user-friendly for modern-day feminists and we have to accept that. Men have been seen as the center-point of the society and women relegated to the sole role of care-givers and managers of the homestead.

With this in mind, we must remember that in the course of the video, Pete Edochie reiterated his subscription to his culture.

He is an Igbo man, this writer is an Igbo man and he can tell you for certain that there’s nothing feminist about most Igbo traditions. For example, where I am from, women do not inherit anything when family property is being shared.

Have you been to an Igbo traditional wedding? Like a proper Igba Nkwu Nwanyi? You’d notice that the only kneeling done during the ceremony is by the wife to the husband and she even has to serve him palmwine while at it.

So if Pete Edochie’s words are taken on the premise of the fact that he is a staunch believer and follower of the Igbo tradition, kneeling down to propose is a silent abomination.

In modern Western traditions, when a couple separates, more often than not, the properties of the man are shared with as much as about half of it going to the woman. Can we honestly try this in African cultures? I laugh in omenana!


So while a lot of people, this writer inclusive, subscribe to the concept of equality, we have to understand that it is what it is and we would have to wait for a long minute before the rest of our people get to the place where our minds are regarding these things.



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Written by Ephraim Adiele


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