Simi Slams Her Entitled Friends!

Your friends have their own problems, Simi calls out entitled friends.


Nigerian singer, Simi has been trending for days now, generated by the recent obsession over her opinions on social issues and sensitive topics by her fandom. We recall her take on feminism which fuelled some major shakedown on twitter with twitter wailers pouncing on her left, right, and center.

As evident as is, Simi holds really strong opinions on these said issues and a lot of Nigerians are not exactly excited about her vocality. Still, she cut another bug a few days back and yet again shared her 2cents on relationships, with the focus on friendship.

The fiasco started when a Twitter user identified as Tolu Olisa shared via his twitter page slamming people that cant raise money for their friends when they are in need.

According to him, such friends are not of good influence or a cycle.“I mean, you want to raise 1m or 2m and you don’t have like 5 friends that can raise it for you. That’s, not good influence or cycle”.

Our songstress Simi, stumbled upon the tweet and weighed in on the matter asking, that a friend’s worth would be measured by how much money they have “So you measure a friend’s value or “good influence” by how much money they have?”.

Tolu basking in the moment of celebrity attention pushes further that such friends are of bad influence. “If you are in a tight corner and your friends in ur circle cant rally round to raise money for you. That’s not a good circle! That’s not value”

Simi hinted in a more descriptive way that such a friend is a leech

“Sounds like a leech to me”. Tolu wanting to explain his point responded explaining that such people that can not go through such lengths can not be called friends. Leech how ??? For example, you have a contract to execute or a project and you have invested so much in it & you need 1/2m to see it out, at that point, you have nowhere else but you have friends if they can’t come through then what is that friendship?

Seeing that it may take more from her, Simi rounded off the conversation unshaken by her opinion. As she wrote; “Like I said, leech. Your friends have their own problems. They need their own 1/2m. If they can find/give it, great. But how dare you feel entitled to another person’s ability to get you money because YOU are in a tight corner because they’re your friend?

This writer in every way understands how Nigerians can be in the face of relationships. More so, the entitlement badge is a character default for our patriots.

From the basic unit of family and into society every area of the Nigerian soil screams entitlement. Fans feel they deserve more from artiste, heck they demand it, associations, even take it a step deeper.

There’s also a far-reaching line between demanding something and requesting for it. Nigerians don’t get it and choose to be blinded by ignorance. Every relationship here is merely transactional, get what you can and move up.

Simi is negating that standpoint, saying friendship shouldn’t be about that, it sure has so much more on its pallet. To be fair there’s a point on the other end of the conversation too, you should have valuable friends, people that can support both in good times and the bad. Either way relationships are a two-way street.

See the tweets below:

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Written by Annie Phillips


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