Show Us More Of Your Face- Oyemykke Drags FireBoy DML

Your songs are doing better than your face; popular Instagram celebrity attacks Fireboy.


Instagram Celebrity, Abisoye Olukoya Michael popularly known as Oyemykke bashes Olamide and his team for Fireboy’s poor appearance.

The social media sensation, Oyemykke who is largely famed for his stance on controversial issues on social media scrutinized the 24-year-old singer on his brand image.

According to him, there’s a whole lot more to an artist other than his/her talent. He buttressed his point saying that there is no face to identify and tag the Fireboy brand to. He doesn’t know what the singer looks like as Fireboy and other artists in the industry have the same hair. To him, Fireboy’s music is doing better than his face.

Reckoning the talent and potentiality of the singer, Oyemykke added that there needs to be intentional branding and imagery that goes with Fireboy’s brand and his face needs to be littered all over it. In the video  he expressed thus;

“Fireboy SHOW US MORE OF YOUR FACE. I am still a huge fan of Fireboy, incredibly talented but if I don’t say this thing ehn, my heart no go rest. Management, Camera Crew, Get To Work. This guy could potentially be the next Superstar. Fireboy, right now, you are arguably one of the most talented Nigerians out there. No doubt you have one of the biggest albums in Nigeria right now brother. But brother, I do not know what you look like.

Your songs are doing better than your face. Your face should match your songs bro. When I was in Nigeria, I was like ‘where is this guy’. Till now, I can’t say this is what Fireboy looks like because I don’t know. You and five other guys in the industry have the same hair.”

Fireboy DML
Unreservedly, the video went viral and it sparked conversations on twitter as usual with some factions consenting to Oyemykke’s opinion. The other half were shocked at the reveal, with the motion that Fireboy has had a good year with an album and several other videos that have his face plastered all over them.

This writer thinks it’s an easy one to miss, even though it may seem like Fireboy is everywhere on charts and playlists, there’s also a huge gap that follows in his imaging. It can be better, that is what Oyemykke is preaching, as, without a doubt, Fireboy can be missed in some settings.

More so, the new school gen acts are synonymous with their signature dreads, it is like a thing for them. What is with dreads even, why so much attachment to one style of hair. Almost every new emerging act has dreads on why?

There’s also the aspect of media, Fireboy should grant more interviews especially tv interviews, it is so evident that he hasn’t be associated with TV as he should. The shows, tours, concerts, and music videos are momentary, hence they may seem like never enough, tv suffices.

The verdict, Oyemykke may have passed his message aggressively but there’s an iota of truth, if not all. While some industry observers have commented that the subject matter is not exactly necessary when the art is strong enough. With the idea of artists like Sia and Lagbaja in mind who preferred anonymity to not distract listeners from the music.

Fireboy still needs to do more as far as imaging goes, people want to tie brands to a picture or an image, anything that can give them an idea of what they are connected to.  And unless you don’t want to leverage on imaging, the team needs to strike a balance. Moreover, there are other benefits of maintaining a strong image to the public, the opportunities are endless.

Watch the video below;

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Written by Annie Phillips


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