Being Beautiful Makes Life Easier-Nigerian Model, Berbeidoll Reveals

I think being beautiful is a blessing. It is plus in life, model shares.


Beauty/pretty privileges is a real thing that most people are oblivious of. There is such a thing as having privileges that are characterized by physical attributes that gives an edge or position one for favorable opportunities.

Chief Executive Officer of Berbie Beauty Line, Christiana Kayode fondly referred to as Berbiedoll, is testifying to the fact that being beautiful makes all the difference and she is a clear example.

The native of Ondo is a graduate of Houdegbe North America University, Benin Republic with a Bachelor’s degree in communications. She has worked with acclaimed brands and Instagram vendors in influencing their brands and visibility.


In a recent interview, Berbiedoll revealed that the advantages of being beautiful far more outweighs that of its disadvantages, if there was any. Having had a first-hand experience on the plus of her beauty she confesses thus;

“I think being beautiful is a blessing. It is a plus in life. It makes things a lot easier for you to get, it gives you this higher self-esteem whenever you get to any place or gathering. I see no demerit in being beautiful except sometimes in this industry some men want to take advantage of that before they give you a certain job. They must want something in return but you have to stand your ground,” she said.

As absurd as that sounds, it is real. There’s such a thing as being pretty, tall, light-skinned, dark-skinned with benefits. The world has seen more people get hired just because they look more appealing and are beautiful and handsome than others.

More so, people have gotten off with having certain physical attributes. So Yes!!! beauty privilege comes with perks and for some definitely makes life easy.

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Written by Chioma Godwin


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