Nigerian Music Industry Is Filled With Yahoo Boys Ritualists- Zakky Azzay Reveals

Nigerian musicians are covering up their drug businesses with music.

Zakky Azzay

Renowned Nigerian singer, Zakky Azzay has shared his reservations about the state of affairs with the music industry.

He hinted that the dynamics of doing music in Nigeria has grown and changed with so many lurking vices disguised as part of the structures and systems with mentions of the involvement of drugs, blood money and other illegal means in the industry.

In a recent chat, Zakky reveals that the industry is a shadow of its self. According to him those involved in selling drugs, blood money and internet fraud are the ones investing in the Nigerian music industry now. He said;

“Right now, it is not about getting a good song, or whether your video is good or your song is nice. It is not about that anymore it’s about how much money you can spend to promote a song. Most of the people who have this type of money are into ‘Yahoo’ or blood money. That is the major challenge of the music industry right now. There are a lot of artists who are making it genuinely, but that is still the major problem”

The singer buttressed further that most singers are into such business and are merely using music to cover their dirty deeds., it’s no longer about making good music but spending money on promoting songs to make more money.

Zakky Azzay
Speaking about artists and their growth, He says;

”I think they are very talented and they are good. However, some of them lack good content in their music and have nothing meaningful in their lyrics. Musicians are actually meant to be good ambassadors.

There is a lot that has gone into music. There are lots of people who are not really musicians. People who are not really talented come into music and bring money from drugs or ‘blood money’ put it into music and make noise everywhere.

Then hitting the grounds open, he revealed  that;

“Not many know these musicians are actually using music to cover up for their drug businesses. That is the major issue for us because those who are consuming the music might not know that and it kind of makes it difficult for talented musicians who are supposed to be heard and (are) not heard because they cannot afford to promote their music.”

Zakky is notable for his unique torch-bearing style and though some may immediately be put off by his opinions, the singer spoke with a lot of confidence and knowing. Especially coming from an industry he spent most of his growing years in.

Explaining the funds that go into the Music business and its structure specifically for emerging acts who are setting out is a mystery. Somehow the lifestyle, the travels, and other cost-effective activities have to be catered for.

How they get the funds, we can’t clearly say, but we do know that the music business is no child’s play and people who venture into such a risky capital intensive endeavor, sure as hell would need all the funds they can get.

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Written by Annie Phillips


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