South African Rappers AKA & Casper Nyovest Face Off On Twitter

Casper Nyovest responds to AKA’s condescending tweet.

AKA & Casper Nyovest

It’s interesting to see every day how social media poses as a digital instrument to spark conversations and engage over topical issues. The upsides of having a medium such as twitter are that different realities can have a seat and have meaningful conversations.

On the other end of the spectrum lies the vileness of the app. The viciousness of ego-driven individuals and those who generally can’t communicate without being oppressors or showing their demons.

Shifting from the shenanigans it exists on, we have seen celebrities being dragged and called out over their short-sighted opinions on certain issues. While some have gotten away with the numbers they have. Twitter appears to be one tool that levels the playing field.

Yesterday, we saw the upsides of the conversation led community as South African rappers AKA and Casper Nyovest, had a mini faceoff that could have blown out of proportion.

Casper Nyovest & AKA

The backstory is that rapper AKA, who’s reckoned to be vocal without filtering his thoughts, in a fleeting moment tweeted that the basis in which one can give advice stems from being in a place of wealth and affluence. Insinuating that wisdom was predicated on a person’s financial standing in the society as he expressed thus;

“If someone tries to give you advice, ask yourself … does this person live in the house I want, drive the car I want, or generally live the life I want … if the answer is no, then ask yourself what qualifies this person to dispense ANY sort of advice to you in the first place”.

Noting the flawed perspective, his contemporary Casper Nyovest swiftly responded with a more informed opinion on his tweet saying;

“Here’s some advice from someone who’s filled up The Dome and successfully crowd surfed geh. Unga’bhekeli Abantu phansi! Ska nyatsa batho laaitie. You can get life-changing financial advice from a Gardner who’s never owned a car or a house. Success or money doesn’t quantify wisdom”.

Obviously, the two rappers are rivals, but it seems as though most of AKA tweets are clout fuelled, like that of his stabbing Xenophobic comments towards Nigerians recorded at some point last year.

In the scheme of things, there’s no such thing as wisdom in wealth and affluence. The basis of one’s perspective towards life and its many outlooks is understanding how things work. Wealth is certainly no sure way to determine the intelligence of a man. Just like Casper rightly mentioned success or money doesn’t quantify wisdom.

See the tweets below;

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Written by Annie Phillips


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