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Pete Edochie Again? Nollywood Veteran Speaks On Homosexuality, Feminism And Others (WATCH)

The Nollywood legend has been in the news recently over his often-controversial opinions

A few weeks ago, a clip made the rounds on social media showing veteran actor, Pete Edochie, saying that Nigerian men who kneel to propose are not just “fools,” but “compound buffoons.”

In the viral video, he was asked to speak on wedding proposals, and he kicked against men going down on their knees to do so.

He went on to say the Nigerian men going on bended knees to make marriage proposals are simply copy cats of culture prevalent in the Western World.

In a new video, Pete Edochie explained what he meant when he said it’s against the Nigerian culture to propose with a ring or on bended knee. He also talked about Nollywood, Feminism, raising kids, and single motherhood.

He also spoke on this issue of homosexuality, which he believes originated from the reincarnation belief in Ogbanje. 

According to him, homosexuality starts when a child reincarnates as the opposite sex and starts finding the same sex sexually attractive.

“If a child is born and that child is very sickly and the child dies and the father says this child looks like an Ogbanje and that there is a possibility that the child will come back he gives the child a mark and then buries the child,” he said.

“Maybe a few years after another child is born, and the child comes out “But remember that the spirit that got into that pregnancy is that of a woman and now manifest as a man. When he sees a man, he is attracted to her, you know why? Because the spirit in him is a woman’s spirit. Very few people can tell you this,” he concluded without the mark, how will you explain it? See it as reincarnation.

“A lady can get so fond of her friend and then dies, she would want to be part of that family so she can get very close to her. Instead of being born as a woman, she gets born as a man.

Watch the video here:

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Written by Ephraim Adiele


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