Gbenro Ajibade Dragged Over Flaunting His New Bae After Divorce

Gbenro Ajibade reacts to social media trolls over his Instagram post


Nollywood actor, Gbenro Ajibade is getting dragged all over the internet for flaunting his new babe on social media. The model cum actor recently ended his marriage with actress and one time Miss Nigeria USA-Osas Ighodaro. The pair have a daughter together named Princess Azariah and are co-parenting together.

Gbenro and Osas stole the hearts of many as actors on the Africa Magic movie franchise Tinsel and got married in 2015 to the witness of a capacity crowd of entertainment personalities in Nigeria and the USA. The wedding was recorded live and televised for streaming from all parts of the country.

The news of their divorce was made public by Gbenro in an interview with Ebuka on rubbing minds. Gbenro expressed the shortfalls of the marriage attributing it to neglection and disinterest which was exhibited by his ex-wife. Although Osas did not come out to say anything, the speculations were confirmed when she yanked off her husband’s name from all her social media pages.

Gbenro Ajibade
Gbenro Ajibade & Ex-Wife Osas Ighodaro

Recall that the rumors surrounding their separation filled the internet for months with the two individuals taking off traces of connection from their public spaces. On the other hand, some factions alluded that Gbenro’s interest in Osas was for him to get a green passport. While he has blatantly cleared the air, the internet jury still refuses to accept that the motive was not hinged on Osas’s influence as an America born Nigerian.

In a recent post he shared via his Instagram page Gbenro Ajibade showed off his new woman, grinding on her and having a good time. The video did not go down well on social media as observers and critics blew the post out of proportion, screaming fire and brimstones about his audacity.

Another, faction which has been dominated by the school of men, has refuted and bashed the narrative that Gbenro was scum because he chose to move on. They were of the opinion that if roles were reversed it would have been a different story for the woman. Pushing further that, Gbenro being dragged over showing off his new woman was hypocritical.

Gbenro Ajibade
Gbenro Ajibade & Osas traditional wedding

The man of the moment, has been drawn to the accusations and trolling on social media and has come out to clap back on the twitter advocators saying thus;

“I hear some of y’all mad cos am happy and enjoying myself.Awwww…but I got great news that would get y’all even more mad.Just be patient and save that energy. MAD OH!🕺🏾

Regardless of the lazy backlash, Nigerians do not understand nada, why pry into people’s businesses that appear to be doing well and fine with their lives. The rationale behind all the social media arguments and namecalling is one phenomenon that this writer can never understand.

These said celebrities triumph over these situations. At the end of each controversy that is fuelled online by people who struggle to get data on their phone, is an inch up publicity that positions these celebrities for more. When do we finally get it, especially warriors behind their keypad. It’s a never-ending cycle of life happening and life goes on. The people in question are okay and have moved on. Move on People!!!

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