Coronavirus Is A Sign Of Endtime- Actress Angela Okorie Reveals

Too many deaths, these are the signs. It has happened before…Jesus is coming soon

As more updates flutter in from the W.H.O on the pandemic that has touched most parts of the world, people are having a hard time understanding how one moment it was all bright and sunny and the next the world is battling for its survival.

Toke Makinwa thinks that China should be fined because of negligence, there’s also the existence of blind ignorance in this part of the world as several African pastors are yet to come to the knowledge of the Covid outbreak.

While the reality seems to be more far-reaching in the eyes of many, the wakeup has been more heightened with new cases more than ever. There’s always a religious side to everything in Africa and Nollywood actress Angela Okorie has shared her side to the whole Corona thingy.

Angela Okorie who recently escaped an assassination attempt revealed that what the world knows as the Coronavirus pandemic is a sign of end time. The actress cum singer took to her Instagram, taking the belligerent disease on a spiritual front that these are signs of the end time and that Jesus is coming soon.

“There are signs. Where will you be on the last day?… It’s getting scary, right???? Too many deaths, these are the signs. It has happened before…Jesus is coming soon because the end time is almost here” The Coronavirus pandemic is starting to spread across Nigeria, with eight new cases of people contracting the Covid-19 virus, being reported in the media. She wrote.

As captured in clips that have circulated on the internet, some pastors do believe that there is nothing like Coronavirus and even if there was it can never touch our dear country-Nigeria. I believe I heard the pastor use the term there can’t be Corona when there is Corrosive anointing. Lol

Sadly, the world is faced with what it didn’t consider to be a threat in the first place and now, the scare has been quadrupled. Truth is, stalling the information or the reality of where and what we all are in doesn’t serve any good. Still, it just might appear there’s more. Brace Up, People!!!!

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Written by Chioma Godwin


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