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Comedian Sydney Talker Blasts NCDC After Coming Down With COVID-19 Symptoms (VIDEOS)

The comedian took to Twitter to complain about the lack of care accorded him by the NCDC

Popular Nigerian comedian and actor Sydney Egere a.k.a. Sydney Talker has come out to lampoon the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

In a thread posted on Twitter, the comic act blasted the government agency for not attending to him despite coming down with several symptoms related with the Corona virus (COVID-19)

He wrote:

A week ago, I came down with some symptoms similar to that of COVID-19. I tried the @NCDCgov hotlines several times for about 2 days before I got a response stating that since I have not started showing ALL signs & symptoms plus I have no recent international travel history or contact with a confirmed COVID-19 patient I wouldn’t be attended to. I took to Twitter later that day expressing my displeasure for the response I got and most people including the @NCDCgov  dismissed it as a skit or probably an attention seeking video. 

My symptoms continued to persist and I reached out to the @LSMOH through the hotlines all to no avail before contacting them on Twitter via @08000CORONA where I got a call the following morning.

I was told to get a cough syrup and mix lemon in hot water and take these liquids every morning and evening. I carried out these practices for 2 days with a little relief or so I thought, up until yesterday where I had serious difficulty breathing.

I was rushed to a private hospital where I was rejected because of my symptoms, and was referred to the Mainland Hospital (Formerly Infectious Disease Hospital, Yaba, Lagos).

Upon my arrival at the Mainland Hospital, the doctors on ground reluctantly attended to the case after questioning me.

Some of the doctors dismissed it almost immediately stating that the signs and symptoms plus possible confirmed contact did not fit the profile of a COVID 19 case.

A sample was eventually collected for testing after we insisted on NOT leaving without a test being carried out. While the test was ongoing 2 persons were immediately admitted into the Isolation Ward based on the fact that they had possible contact with a confirmed case.

We were later referred again from the Mainland Hospital to Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) for medical examination.  On getting to LUTH we were halted at the entrance of the Accident & Emergency Ward and told to wait outside.

We were questioned from a distance on the symptoms I was experiencing. After questioning, the doctor said this was a possible case of COVID 19 and referred us back to Mainland Hospital Yaba stating that they do not have adequate gear and facilities to handle such a case.

All these took place within the hours of 11pm and 5am while I was still having difficulty breathing, dry cough and my hands and feet were numb.

We eventually decided to head back home as there was no HOPE in sight of being attended to. We placed a call across to a Nigerian trained Consultant based in the US who prescribed some medications to subdue the symptoms and instructed us to carry out certain tests.

I’ll be going live on Instagram tomorrow morning by 9:00 am to give a proper account of everything that happened yesterday night. #TheAverageNigerian #FailedHealthCareSystem #FailedHealthCare

Following his experiences, he posted videos of what he went through after it was dismissed as a prank of skit.

Reacting to Sydney’s rant, the NCDC took to Twitter to write:

We received several messages & calls, over an Instagram video. The individual was said to be very sick & reported that NCDC did not respond. We have reached out to him and he said what he did was a SKIT. He is well Pls respect the call and message lines. Do not spread panic

In response, Sydney labelled the claims as false.

He said: What kind of lie is this??? you didn’t reach out to me and I wasn’t doing a skit. Please all I want is to be tested because the symptoms get worse by the day

Whatever the case may be, we hope Sydney gets better!

This news comes just as Davido’s fiance, Chioma tested positive for COVID-19

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Written by Ephraim Adiele


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