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Sydney Talker Apologizes To Nigerians Over Corona Virus Saga

The internet sensation reiterated his claim that the whole episode was not a prank

Social media comedian, Sydney Talker has tendered an apology to Nigerians and especially the famously notorious Twitter NG over his much-publicized episode with the National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC).

It would be recalled that recently, Sydney Talker posted a thread on Twitter, blasting the government agency for not attending to him despite coming down with several symptoms related with the Corona virus (COVID-19)

After several days of occupying the headlines for the wrong reasons and pressure from social media users, the comic act finally published the result of his COVID-19 test.

Posting the result on Thursday, April 2, 2020 on his Instagram page, he announced that his result came back negative.

He wrote:

My Test Results just got in from Lagos State Ministry of Health and thankfully it is NEGATIVE.

To those who felt this was a PRANK or CLOUT CHASING, I have just one question ” Why would I chase clout at the expense of my life ? ”

To everyone who prayed for me in my weakest moment and for quick recovery, I pray that on the day you are in distress may you also find help and recieve prayers IJN Amen

I love you all & I promise I will be back and better soonest

Following the continued backlash he received from Nigerians, he decided to apologize to Nigerians who might have been offended

In several threads, he wrote:

I’M SORRY TO THOSE WHO I’VE OFFENDED WITH MY HEALTH ISSUES AND SPECIALLY TO TWITTER NG. I tried to explain myself on my Instagram live. Please You can check it out. Thank you

I didn’t lie I didn’t prank I didn’t chase clout I didn’t do a skit I was only trying to be a concerned citizen which most people interpreted. But still TWITTER NG I’M SORRY

I have had a chat with Dr Olufunmilayo about this recent issues. I want to say I am sorry to everyone who was hurt by what happened in the last few days. I did not mean to hurt the hardworking health workers and the ncdc or ridicule them.
I want to also say that nobody should use what I did as an excuse to prank the NCDC. That was not my aim or intention at all. And it will be terrible for anyone to do same. We must all speak against prank calls and I will join Dr Olufunmilayo and others to speak against it.

Again I’m sorry and I never meant to hurt anyone.

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Written by Ephraim Adiele


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