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‘My Vagina Smells Like Pineapple And Cranberry Juice’ – Toke Makinwa

She made this known in a now-viral video where she was talking about hygiene

Toke Makinwa wants anyone who cares to listen that her vagina smells like pineapple and cranberry juice.

The media personality is one of the most popular and vocal celebrities in Nigeria.

Makinwa in an Instagram live chat with her fans said it is totally wrong for any woman to have a vagina that smells.

‘I feel like the vagina shouldn’t have an odour. If your vagina smells…it has like a metallic smell which is kind of normal but I don’t think that anybody’s vagina should be smelling, it’s not healthy.

“If your vagina smells, you should get that checked. Mine smells like pineapples because I drink a lot of pineapples and cranberry juice. And ladies just clean up properly,” she said

Even though she has received a lot of backlash for this statement on social media, we all known Makinwa isn’t going to stop when it comes to sharing solicited and unsolicited statements on social media.

Not long ago she revealed that the bulge on her nether region is more popular than she is.

She made the comments as part of a post on her Instagram page on Wednesday, January 29, 2020, which showed off her camel toe.

“My Camel toe has more fans than I do 😥 Biker shots are not for me and I shall not be wearing them anymore 😆 Last thing, I was a tad bit embarrassed as I posted these photos without zooming in and then I thought there are worse things in life so hey… I’ve got PPS and in its sweet in the middle 🤪 laugh at yourself sometimes, it’s healthy. While it’s amusing to you, our lovely Vistosa is back,” she wrote.

More recently, she called on women to explore their sexuality and buy sex toys so as to know more about themselves.

According to Toke, she studied herself and how did she do that?

In her words:

“I went Dildo shopping, I mean I went to buy vibrators. I think every woman should have vibrators. I mean, are you crazy? You don’t have one? In 2020? Like dude, how do you even know what your body needs? How do you know what the person is supposed to do for you?

“I feel like once a week, every woman needs to take one day off to pleasure themselves, by themselves. Where it’s all about you and your satisfaction. 

“Why am I saying you should do this? Not because I’m a pervert, but because it would help you to know what works for you or what doesn’t.”

“I have three types of vibrators I would advise you to get… my producers are laughing, they are all sweating… Ashewo ni gbogbo yin sha. 

“One, The Bullet. I think that it’s really important. It’s really small. That’s why they call it bullet because it goes in there and it just (does some orgasmic gesticulations)… let’s you feel good. 

“Like so many people haven’t even had an orgasm. You depend so much on the guy to sort of let you know what your body wants when you can discover by yourself, your an adult. Come On!

“As long as you are above 18, I think you should take a week or one day in two weeks to kind of like love on yourself. Just experiment with your vagina. See what it responds to, your body, what you like when you’re going to have sex so you’re coming in there a little bit more confident.

“I’ll also advice you to get The Rabbit. I think that every female needs to get one. The first Rabbit I had was purple, the one I have right now is pink. You can play around with the colours… it’s yours.

Sometimes you can also involve it when you’re having sex with your partner and I think it’s a bold move, you know you can tell a guy, I won’t really come via penetration, I enjoy when there’s a rabbit attached to the top of my clit. 

So there… Toke talking about vaginas and their smell is just Toke being Toke.

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Written by Ephraim Adiele


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