4 Years  Ago: I Started Making Money  As An  Actress – Toyin Abraham

The budding actress made revelations on her career and life .

Toyin Abraham

Nollywood actress and movie producer says she started making money four years ago about 13 years after she began her acting career in 2003. Also according to her, covid-19 has taken a huge toll on countries across the globe, adding that people are only thinking about survival now.

“There is nothing that matters now except how to survive. After this coronavirus, if people don’t change, then they have a problem. My car and that of my husband have been parked for days now, there’s nothing like competition again,” she added.

She went on to reveal measures being put in place to ensure that those who benefit from her giveaways online are people in need. “Before I give people money, I check their social media accounts to know when they came into existence,” she said.

The actress also narrated how her marriage to Kolawole Ajeyemi, fellow movie star, and her motherhood experience has changed her life. “It (referring to motherhood) is a new experience and it has really changed me. I can tell anybody now that I am a woman coupled with the fact that I married a good man. My name now is mummy Ire. Motherhood has changed my life,” she added.

Toyin a few days ago revealed that she nearly committed suicide in an interview with host Chude and she shared thus;

“I actually thought to myself that ‘if you die now Toyin, you would become more popular than you are now’.” When asked where her family was through all of this, she said, “I just didn’t want to see them. I didn’t want to get attached to them.

I am from a Christian home and I used to smoke cigarettes and they didn’t approve, and I also didn’t want to get close to them because I thought I would die soon and so they won’t miss me.”

“I am a dove. My fear is gone now. Long gone. I talk about it to people now. I have the face, I have the story that God wants to use to touch many lives.”

Abraham made headlines recently after some reports suggested she was an ambassador for the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) on the coronavirus pandemic after she had appeared in a video sensitizing people on COVID-19.

The award-winning movie star brought the revelation to light when she featured on ‘Your View’, a TVC program, monitored by the TheCable Lifestyle on Friday.

Speaking on the show, Abraham said she would not have been able to help people as she is presently doing during the COVID-19 lockdown if it was five years ago. “If this (referring to the COVID-19 lockdown) had happened five years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to give because I was not making money then. I just started making money three or four years ago,” she said.

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Written by Chioma Godwin


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