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From screen to reality! Stella Damasus reveals how she became widow after playing same role in movie

Nigerian actress, Stella Damascus has revealed how she became a widow after being popular for the same role she played in a movie titled: “Widow.”
The 42-years-old actress while talking about her most memorable movie revealed in an interview that ‘Widow’ was a movie that prepared her for what happened in her own life.
“I know a lot of people like Games Women Play because of one particular scene. But for me, as the actor, I would say Widow because that challenged the life out of me.
“I always tell people that when I made that film, I wasn’t a widow at the time. My late husband was still alive and would even come to pick me up from set some days.
“Making a film like that and being exposed to someone’s life story because it is a real-life story, opened my eyes to what was going on with widowhood practices and widow abuse to this day.
“It really affected me in ways I couldn’t imagine, and the whole experience was crazy but it was as if I was being prepared for something I never knew would happen to me.
“Later on, when my husband passed, it hit me that what happened in the movie Widow is what people were expecting to happen to me. It dawned on me that this is the ordeal of the average African widow.” she said.
According to Damascus, she saw the movie as challenging to her and other crew members as she continues to remain deeply immersed into the character even after the director had said Cut on set.
“Making that film was so challenging, especially when we filmed the emotional scenes. It was so difficult for me to break out of the character sometimes, so much so that even when the Director says CUT, I would still be so overwhelmed and breakdown even more.
“It would also affect the crew members sometimes. Some of the scenes were so deep and heavy and it made us wonder how people could put other human beings through such torture all under the guise of widowhood practices.” she added.
She further revealed that another memorable role she would never forget was from a movie Between, where she played the character Chelsea Hollis.
“I did things in there that I have never done in any other film, the character was different for me and I absolutely loved it. So I would say my most memorable roles are from the movies Widow and Between.” she said
Candiidonline gathered that Stella Damasus became a famous Nollywood star at a young age. She was already in the entertainment industry at the tender age of 14.
Only few people knew that she ran a band with her late husband, Jaiye Aboderin at just 18. At 42, Stella remains one of the popular actresses to have come out of Nollywood

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