Actress Dayo Amusa under fire for shaming upcoming actress

Nigerian actress, Dayo Amusa has been called out on Instagram for shaming an upcoming actress who reached out to her for mentorship.

The upcoming actress, also an IG user, d_portable123 made a comment on the actress post and revealed her intention to be an actress in future.

Dayo Amusa further responded to her in a way which her followers condemned and urged her to be more sensitive.

Below is how the conversation occurred on her IG timeline.

d_portable123 said “Abeg ma’am me am an aspiring actress which to be one and need a helping hand.”

Dayo Amusa then replied @d_portable123 saying “Who will waste his / her time to help you when you have not helped yourself??? You have access to the internet, you have an IG page, No skit, Nothing to showcase your so called talent and you dey find help. You are a joker”

She was immediately called out by @beautyrushmakeoversnmore who said “@dayoamusa this is the most insensitive response ever. There are better ways of conveying your message rather than being mean. Manner of approach goes a long way most times. Let’s all learn to lift others up with our words and not break them any further.

@wonuola_yosore Lap wrote “@dayoamusa that’ was a very wrong reply haba. All you celebrities feel you have made it all. Very wrong Savage replies. Please dear make moves and you will see what God will do for you!

@wuraolagole also condemned the actress when she said “@dayoamusa this is too much haba, at least encourage the young lady with this comment of yours. It totally shows who you are, it’s not fair

@yemisisundayadedayo said “@dayoamusa haba aunty this is not nice coming from a high profile personality like you i |ike, |ove and respect your interpretation of roles but this reply is really not encouraging at all worst case
scenario you ignore the message instead of this.

Dayo Amusa further responded to the comments saying “@iamwunmi_ ade, Why can’t she do skit, what’s stopping her from being creative and tagging the necessary pple that can notice her? You pple should be more sensitive. In this jet age? Oh! What courage do you love about her?

“@d_portable123 Maje kawon eleyii tan e pa 0. Heaven help those who help themselves.

“My dear, the only person you need to show is YOURSELF & YOU! You can’t pour from an Empty Cup! A word is enough for the wise. IRE ooo

“Don’t be fooled by all this pple commenting here. No one will notice or pay attention to you even if you write an episode here. Like I said earlier! You have access to the internet and you have a page. Yet you have nothing on the page to show you have interest in acting, not even a skit. NOTHING!

“That position you are referring to is consistency of 17yrs of creativity. Well, if you are expecting me to pamper you into the journey then you are not ready for what’s coming. Social Media is fiction! Get into the reality.”

The upcoming actress after receiving encouragement from other IG users thanked them and promised to show Dayo Amusa how successful she will be on the chosen career in future.

Dayo Amusa subsequently made a video on her IG page where she explained that she did not make the comment to mock the upcoming actress but was just surprised that she had nothing to show this her talent on her page.

She further urged her to utilise her access to the internet to make skits which would showcase her talent and also tag popular actors and actresses.

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Written by Mateen Badru


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