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Emeka Ike accuses ex-wife of fraud, impersonation

Nollywood actor, Emeka Ike, has come for an Instagram user who compared his current spouse with his ex wife after he shared a picture of himself in company of his new family on social media.

Emeka Ike had barely shared a photograph, when the IG user @iookingforug wrote in the comment and said “your first wife fits you more than this second one.”

Another IG user @oxyononiwu then cautioned the follower saying “How can a human being talk without reasoning? how would you feel it someone says same thing to you or to your sister and what does looks have to do with where someone finds happiness.

“Please mind what you say l. A day of reckoning is knocking. Be guided please.”

Emeka Ike then became annoyed, accusing his ex-wife of masquerading as a faceless IG user.

He described his former wife as being bitter and using a fake account to troll him.

He wrote: “If you are not the same loser wife, with a take account. i‘ve seen your frustration, continue visiting my page with your bitter friends.

“Please get a life. I’ve moved far from you and your assassin friends. Are you guys not tired of hating on GODS project?

“They are a bitter sect from my past. You can Imagine their frustration but GOD is punishing them now. This is a reflection of their inward pains. i pity loosers,” he said.

Emeka Ike further warned other IG users who trolled him to stop being his fan if all they would do is to troll him.

“You came m company of this people and I can swear down you guys are bitter losers. Please stop being my fan. Abeg. I got really sensitive fans not trollers, pretending to be Innocent. Next time please. Go and do your research well before trolling, my dear fan.

“They come for us because we are in the public eye, yet demanding respect for being abusive. Eh, you be star, take am now? God punish satan. The idiot heading

“This is a wanted armed robber and kidnapper who escaped from south Africa. This criminal is in competition with a legit man. Instead of him to wait and see his grave like his friend. Evan’s the kidnapper in jail now.

“Guy that’s your end. No two ways about it. He has been terrorising me because he married one of her sisters and feel intimidated by my clean slate. I stopped my children from eating in his house of bloody money.

“I’m glad to be out of that criminal family. Destiny killers. Wawu “shilidren”. I’m not his mate. The day he becomes a hard working man, maybe I can take him seriously. For now, he is a dead beat criminal & dirty hustler.” The actor said.

CANDIIDONLINE recalls Emeka Ike and his estranged wife Emma had a messy divorce scandal.

In 2015 the actor’s wife, Suzanne Emma filed for a divorce on the allegation of domestic violence leading to the end of their marriage. Emeka Ike had earlier denied the divorce rumour but in March 2017, a Lagos Island Customary Court finally dissolved the marriage.

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Written by Mateen Badru


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