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Serie A: Balotelli deserves slap, Melo is ‘rotten apple’ – Chiellini

Juventus and Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini has condemned his team mate, Mario Balotelli’s attitude while he described Felipe Melo as a ‘rotten apple’ for being disrespectful.

Giorgio Chiellini told La Reppublica in his upcoming biography that Mario Balotelli “deserved a slap” for his attitude during Italy’s 2013 Confederations Cup campaign.

CANDIIONLINE recalls that Italy lost 4-2 to Brazil in the group stage but eventually finished third in the tournament.

Chiellini however accused Balotelli of not helping his team during the early defeat.

“Balotelli is a negative person with no respect for the team.

“In 2013, in the Confederations Cup against Brazil, he didn’t help us at all. He deserved a slap.

“Someone thinks he is among the top five players in the world, I never even thought that he could be in the top ten or twenty.” he said.

Chiellini while taking a jab at former Juventus and Inter midfielder Felipe Melo, said he is the worst of all as he can’t stand people who lack respect.

“Felipe Melo is even worse, the worst of the worst. I can’t stand disrespectful people, those who always want to go against the grain. There was always a fight with him. I told the coaches, he’s a rotten apple.

“I don’t hold a grudge or care about it anymore, if I have to share something with them I will. I’m not everyone’s best friend but they are the only two who have gone beyond an acceptable limit.

“The problem isn’t whether you play well or badly or if you have an off day, but that you lack respect and have nothing inside. Once is alright, if it happens again it’s not.” he said.

Chiellini further expressed his hatred for a rival club, Inter Milan saying that sporting hatred is essential in foitball.

“I hate them as Michael Jordan hates the Pistons, it’s impossible not to hate them. Sporting hatred is essential in football.” he added.

CANDIIDONLINE reports that the 35 year old defender is presently recovering from an anterior cruciate ligament tear.

Chiellini is likely coming towards the end of his Juventus career haven joined Juventus from Roma in 2005. He has played more than 500 times for the club with several international appearances.

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Written by Mateen Badru


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