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MAN CRUSH MONDAY: Me, my song and lyrics – Mr Jack


Jack Idopise Emmanuel is a 25-year-old Afro-Pop singer who loves to inspire people with his songs.

Popularly known by his stage name, Mr Jack, his passion for the Nigerian Music Industry can not be over emphasised as he advocates for a global music industry.

Mr Jack is of the school of thought that good lyrics, first makes good music and that the beat comes after. This, he believes is inevitable in achieving a completely global entertainment industry with music.

“Nigerian artistes and most music lovers often focus on the beat of a song at the expense of the lyrics.

“Yes, artistes need to go commercial by creating party bangers but the listeners’ state of mind should also be considered. You can never get it wrong with good lyrics. It’s like saying the right words at the right time.” he told CANDIIDONLINE.

Mr Jack had continued to focus on inspiring people with his music as he recently released a single which he titled Vision 2020. Vision 2020 is an inspirational rhythm, an intellectual work of art expressing the need for the community to drive at exceeding gaols.

“Aside the fame, everyone wants to make money from music. This is why we have a lot of artists, mostly upcoming praying that they have a hit song which will be like a breakthrough for them.

“While chasing the hit song, these upcoming artists often use indecent lyrics having the belief that the song’s beat would gain them more fans,” he said.

Mr Jack seems to be one in a million artiste for the fans who desire that song that motivates one to do more irrespective of the beat.

Mr Jack would always emphasise the importance of the mental state of his fans saying “how will they enjoy my song if they are not in their right mind.”

He would say music should be an inevitable tool for positive behavioural change and that “only with this change can we achieve the positive society we desire.”

“An artiste should carefully choose lyrics for songs as he would expect his songs to enjoy much airplay and become a household tune.

“My latest track, ‘Vision 2020’ is a song that motivates a person to achieve greatness. We should benefit from the songs we listen to. There is power in the tongue and we should not use it on singing songs that add no value to our way of life.

“Vision 2020 is an inspirational rhythm, an intellectual work of art expressing the need for the community to drive at exceeding goals. This song teaches us that as a striker, we must be active, proactive and productive. In this notion, I believe with positive thinking we could make history.

“My songs point out the need to be result oriented. So we can establish ourselves and support the government as well.” he said.

Mr Jack is currently working on projects that would involve A-list artistes in the music industry. He frowns at piracy and encourages other artistes to be good role models for their fans.

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Written by Mateen Badru


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