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10 easy steps to get out of friend zone revealed!

We all fall in love, especially in the strangest places. It is however heartbreaking when the love is not being reciprocated. It either becomes a one sided affair till the relationship becomes completely broken or the ‘loving’ party becomes friend zoned.

It sometimes happen that someone you love may not feel the same way about you. In their world, you are a friend and nothing more. Yes, friendship is a beautiful thing but it hurts when you want more and the feeling is not mutual. Do not give up on love, here are useful tips on how to get out of the friend zone.

Being stuck in the friend zone is a dreadful thing and many have been there before. This can be painful but there are many ways you can get out of it, irrespective of how you got in.

You have just realized that the person you like sees you as nothing more than a friend. Immediately, start thinking of ways to escape the friend zone if you want ‘more’ from the person.

It is most certain that most effective means of how to get out of the friend zone with a girl will also work with guys because the friend zone works in similar ways for both genders.

Here are some useful tips on how to get out of the friend zone.

1. Be sure it is love

There is this saying that “when the preferable is not available, the available becomes the preferable.” You need to be sure that it is not just infatuation or your hormones are only malfunctioning because you spend a lot of time with that person. Be sure you love the person then every other steps come with ease.
2. Prepare to be the one
You should be prepared to be the “one” you want him/her to love. This may sound easy for you haven being in the friend zone but relationships calls for more responsibilities. The person will need more of all you have been doing earlier and you ‘ll get in multiples, the vibes, anger, care and all you have also been getting. It’s tricking but be prepared.

3. Adopt a realistic view of the situation
One of the steps towards escaping the friend zone is acceptance. You can only implement the changes in your life that will help you out of the zone when you accept your situation. After you accept the situation, you will begin to notice all the things you do that have held you back. This makes it easy to start changing your behavior.

4. Limit the access to your time and attention
While in the friend zone, you are always available to the person you desperately want. The ease with which you give your attention is to your disadvantage. Now, you need to start valuing your time and attention above their needs. When they have to work for your attention, they recognize that it is not to be taken for granted and they also pay attention to you. Coast becomes clear to shoot shots.

5. Reduce the frequency of communication
This is another technique you can use to draw their attention. Do not text or call the person you desire too often. Let them initiate more interactions. Initiating interactions with you will increase the value of your time and help you weed out unnecessary romantic pursuits.

6. Clearly define what you want with them.
Now, this where you will ask yourself if you are truly ready. This is because getting it wrong will put you further in a “renewed friend zone.” This may seem as simple as speaking your mind but when the person you want does not recognize your attempts because you have not been clear about them, you are then wasting your time.

You might be surprised that simply stating your intentions will get you what you want. If they are not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with you, then you have saved yourself some time.

7. Work on increasing your value
Self-improvement comes in many forms; you can hit the gym, dress better, get a better job, go back to school or pick up a new hobby. An elevation of your current status is likely to improve your confidence. The right level of confidence is good for anyone. Make them notice something new in you so that they begin to see you in a different type of way.

8. Start courting them; stop being too friendly.
Friendship is distinct from courtship. Once you have made your intentions clear, ensure your actions reflect them. Take your time to avoid causing any discomfort or coming on too strong.
Instead of hanging out as friends all the time, ask them out on a date. You won’t die, it’s just a date.

9. Frequent flirt
The coast is clear so flirting is allowed, cautiously though. Simple and easy way on how to get out of the friend zone with a guy or girl is to start flirting more. Flirting arouses ideas of romantic relations if it is done right. You want to be smooth with this to avoid any awkward encounters. Flirting can be accompanied by appropriate physical contact.

10. Understand their love language
The surest way to spark romantic interest in someone is to ‘speak’ their love language. This knowledge will ensure your efforts never go unnoticed. You should at least have gotten heads up for this or what have you gained from the friend zone if I may ask. For example, if her love language is words of affirmation, you can start by complimenting her often. Compliments are not limited to her looks though very key, this is how she will know you are having special interest in her. Dont hide it, say it, complement her always.

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Written by Mateen Badru


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