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I smoke $40,000 weed monthly – Boxing legend, Mike Tyson

Boxing legend, Mike Tyson, has revealed that he smokes weed worth $40,000 every month.

It’s no secret that Tyson is living a ‘high’ life after his retirement from boxing.

During a podcast episode named ‘HotBoxing’ with Mike Tyson, the former champion disclosed the amount of this psychoactive drug he consumes with his business partner, Eben Britton, a former NFL player and marijuana advocate.

The duo confessed that they smoke weed worth $40,000 a month.

At the age of 53, the legendary boxer says he also incurs high costs running a weed farm in California

Tyson is a former world heavyweight champion with a ranch in South California, where the recreational use of marijuana is legal.

Tyson’s ranch sells nice cannabis flower strains and potent extracts. His venture has proven that grass can sometimes be greener on the other side.

This is because global demand for the best full-spectrum CBD oil and related products is rising. Hundreds of people now line up to purchase the herb following its legalization in California.

CANDIIDONLINE reports that California legalized the medical use of Indian Hemp in 1996, with the recreational use of cannabis following in 2016.

Since then, several people have ventured into the cannabis production industry.

Nevertheless, the law requires individuals to be at least 21 years old to purchase, use, or have recreational marijuana. Thus, you must be of legal age to use cannabis, whether through smoking, eating, or vaping cannabis products in California.

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