5 most followed people on Instagram [SEE LIST]


Instagram, a social media platform where people share their photos and view that of others.

However, you can only view that of others when they allow you follow them and vice versa. The more people you add, the more photos you view.

But supremacy battle over who has the most followers is a common experience on the platform. Perhaps, it is not just a social photo network.

Below is the list of 5 most most followed personalities on the photo app:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo: 218 million

The full name of the world-famous Portuguese football player sounds like Cristiano Ronaldo DOS Santos Aveiro. Parents could not find a compromise in choosing a name for the child for a long time. The first name came up with the mother, and the second. The father, deciding to name his son in honor of the President, Ronaldo Reagan.

Cristiano Ronaldo, playing for the Italian football club “Juventus”, three times became the owner of the “Golden ball” winning the best European player award while bagging the”Golden boot” trophy four times.

2. Ariana Grande: 185 million

American actress and singer, Ariana Grande, with an unusual tone of voice did not interfere with the conquest of the hearts of fans-teenagers.

The career of the immediate girl with a pretty “doll” appearance began in childhood, now Ariana “is torn” between recording albums, filming movies and TV series, in addition, she still plays in the theater.

3. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: 183 million

The American wrestler, a famous Hollywood actor, Dwayne Johnson featured in more than 300 movies.

“His name appears twice in the world record book: the first time Dwayne was noted for the mind blowing amount of fee that he received for his debut main role ($5.5 million), and the second-for the incredible number of photos taken in just 3 minutes (105 selfies)..

4. Selena Gomez: 176 million

At the age of 24, Selena Gomez was held as a singer, actress, composer and author of musical works.

In addition, she was awarded the title of “goodwill Ambassador” UNICEF.

“2002 was very busy for Selena Gomez, because it was at this time that her career began. She took on everything: starred in numerous films, recorded albums and gave concerts.

The crazy working rhythm had a negative impact on the health of the rising star. In 2014 she was found lupus. The fight against such a terrible disease has added only the popularity of the young artist.

“All photos of Selena Gomez, posted on her account in Instagram show subscribers how to look good even in the most difficult situations. That’s why her instagram is the most popular.

4. Kylie Jenner: 175 million

Kylie Jenner, the American model, participant of the reality show “Kardashian Family”, posted photos of designer dresses, jewelry and pictures from the dressing room.

And it is unlikely that her fans expected to see something else in her Instagram. They are obviously getting what they want.

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Written by Mateen Badru


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