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Being baby mama is not job, Reno Omokri blasts women


Author and Nigerian lawyer, Reno Omokri has advised women to stop categorizing pregnancy as investment.

According to him, being a baby mama is not a job.

Reno Omokri, who took the jab at baby mamas while sharing his popular daily nuggets via Twitter, advised women to get a job as a child is not a means of livelihood.

Known to be blunt with his words, the former aide President Goodluck Jonathan said that if a woman wants an income, she should get a job and not get pregnant for a man.

The author noted that bringing a child into the world without a stable home is a wicked thing to do.

The social media commentator also noted that it is an evil thing for a child to be brought into the world without marriage or a stable income to take care of it.

“Being a baby mama is not a job. If you want an income, go get a job, instead of getting pregnant. Bringing a baby into this world without a marriage, a stable home and a stable income, is a wicked thing to do. A child is not a means to a livelihood.” he said.

Reno recently slammed President Muhammadu Buhari over appointing Gambari as his Chief of Staff.

Reno while expressing his disdain towards what he described as alleged “tribalism” by President Buhari had tweeed that “Appointing a Fulani Chief of Staff to a Fulani President is NOT wrong. After all, Obj had a Yoruba COS. What is wrong is where the heads of Executive, Legislature, Judiciary, Army, Police, NSA, DSS, NIA, DMI, DIA, NPS, NCS, NIS, and EFCC are Northern Muslim men!”

He was subsequent told by a Twitter user to hug a transformer, if he was not happy with the nomination.

Reno replied, “If I hug a transformer in Buhari’s Nigeria, it is cold that will catch me. Or have you not heard that in the 2020 budget ₦45 million was budgeted for fuel for generators in Aso Rock. Your insult only shows how incompetent General @MBuhari is.”

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Written by Mateen Badru


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