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5 steps to heal broken heart

Falling in love is fun while falling out of love may be fatal. The feeling of being in love, as inexplicable as it may be, the heartbreak that comes with it is inevitable.

Having your heartbroken over a relationship is going to hurt. You could lose your appetite, as well as your desire to do much of anything or lay in bed and ache.

You will cry, your ribs may ache and your eyes may swell. It’s almost like your heart will burst. Confusion might rule your brain. You might feel as bad as you have ever felt. It seems no one can help you but these are the 5 steps to help you cope.

1. Talk to someone who cares.
It’s amazing how much better you feel when there’s someone you can talk to who totally understands what you’re going through. The person you are sharing with is like a human crutch to help you through a time of brokenness. It’s kind of like when a guy gets hurt on the football field injuring his knee. Two of his teammates get around him and help carry him off the field. That’s what happens when you have a broken heart. When someone is there, they can help strengthen you when you hurt the most.

2. Feel free to feel the pain.
One of the ways we know we are human and truly alive is that we feel pain. Going through a break-up can be very difficult and touch raw.

This proves we are human. It is extremely important to let those raw emotions out. Find a safe place where you are comfortable and if possible, let the tears flow.

It is our body’s way of ridding itself of the pain and hurt. Some people run from their hurts when really they should embrace them. It’s only when we feel our pain that we are able to honestly deal with it and move on.

3. Give yourself time to heal.
If your heart has been broken, it will take time for you to completely heal. At the time of the break-up, almost everyone thinks they will never feel normal again. But God has designed us in a way that we heal from wounds.

It’s amazing to see how our human spirit comes back again. Some people heal faster than others. Some people’s emotions go deeper than others. The deeper your emotions, the longer it will take to heal. But sooner or later you will begin to feel alive again and you will learn to accept this new feeling.

Don’t fight the healing process and you will be on your way to smiling again in no time. So be patient with yourself and don’t be in a hurry to jump into another relationship.

4. Learn lessons from the experience.
We should accept that heartbreak is inevitable, the question is can we learn from the experience?

If we don’t learn, we will keep doing the same thing over and over again and getting the same response. So during this time of hurt, you might want to ask yourself some meaningful questions about your broken relationship. For example, did your relationship include these important things from both you and your partner:
.Open communication
.Sensitivity to each other’s feelings
.Ability to see things from each other’s perspective

Answers to these and other questions can help you to be a much deeper person, better equipped for your next relationship.

5. Talk to God.
There are those who may think this is needless. Nothing could be further from the truth. Here’s why.

You and I were created to love and be loved. When we get down to it, all we really want is to know there is someone who knows all about us and still loves us no matter what.

It is however important to note that only God can love us this way. When we have that foundation of knowing we are loved no matter what, we can have the strength to face rejection from others. Only God can give us a deep sense of being loved because He always does, no matter what. So talk to God and receive your healing.

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Written by Mateen Badru


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