4,625 graduates jostle for N13,500 monthly salary security job in this Nigerian state

About 4,625 graduates of universities and polytechnics have applied for recruitment into the Amotekun Corps in Osun where the monthly pay for the job is N13,500.

Twenty percent of the total applicants are university graduates from various disciplines, while 15 per cent have a Higher National Diploma.

Application for job in the Amotekun Corps in the state ended last Tuesday, with about 13,000 applying for placements.

However, data obtained from the office of the corps revealed that the majority of the 13,216 applicants were married men.

Further analysis of the applicants indicates that 1,891 single females also applied for recruitment.

According to other details obtained by our correspondent, male applicants are 9,214 out of which 8, 615 are married.

The data reveal that 4,002 females out of which 2,011 are married also applied for placements. Further breakdown of the educational qualifications of the applicants shows that “10 per cent of them possess an Ordinary National Diploma, while five per cent of them have a National Certificate of Education.

Senior School Certificate Examination holders make up 40 percent of the applicants, with six per cent of them having a Primary School Leaving Certificate. Those in the category of non-education constitute four percent of the total number of the applicants.

Similarly, a Florida woman, Kris Hedstrom, filed a civil suit against a neighbour demanding a paternity test for the five goats she purchased in December.

The lawsuit filed by Hedstrom as reported by UPI, demanded that her neighbour, Heather Dayner, either refund the $900 she paid for the five Nigerians dwarf goats she purchased in December or provide a sample of DNA from the goats’ purported father to prove their lineage.

Her lawsuit alleged that she was under the impression that she would be able to register the goats’ pedigrees with the American Dairy Goat Association.

Hedstorm said, “Dayner, owner of Baxter Lane Farm in Odessa, told me the father of the goats, Country Caprese Ace, was registered with the organisation, but the group rejected my attempt to register the babies because Dayner is not an active member.”

She stated that the association told her she would need to submit 40 hair follicles from the father goat to prove the lineage of the babies, so she sent Dayner a letter requesting the DNA sample.

Dayner responded by offering to take the goats back and give Hedstrom a refund.

Dayner said Hedstrom repeatedly trespassed on her property and called the police on her.

She said, “Hedstrom sent me a message in March telling me not to contact her again, and that was the last I heard until the lawsuit was filed this month.”

Dayner said she was due in court next month and planned to represent herself because she didn’t want to spend money on a lawyer.

CANDIIDONLINE reports that a 42-year-old woman has reportedly been arrested by the police in Naivasha, Kenya for reportedly killing her 4 children (three girls and one boy) who are between the ages of 2 and 8 years.

The mother of 6 identified as Beatrice Mwende Kimotho, allegedly locked her children in the house before giving them poison at Kabati Estate.

K2TV reported that the police said they received a distress call from Jackson Kimani Kimotho, the woman’s brother saying that she had asked him to check on the children whom she had killed at her house.

He further revealed that his sister shared pictures of the children in a family WhatsApp group after killing them, asking for prayers.

Upon entering the two-bedroom house, the police found the bodies of the four children in their beds with traces of vomit and blood in their mouth.

Naivasha Sub County Police Commander Samuel Waweru confirmed the incident, adding that the suspect is in lawful police custody.

“The accused first told her friend that her children were admitted to the Naivasha Sub-County hospital with chest pains before confessing a few hours later that she had strangled them.” he said.

A police officer involved in the investigations added that “She (the suspect) took turns to strangle the four and slept in the same house until today (Saturday) morning when she walked away from the house.

“We are at the very initial stages of the probe and at this point, we cannot divulge much details.”

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Written by Mateen Badru


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