What I did when a foreign agency offered me millions of Naira to do p0rn – Nigerian Actress, Amara Maduka reveals

Amara Maduka

Controversial actress, Amara Maduka, who recently bagged a modeling endorsement deal with BBW Erotic Modeling Agency and is notable for posting nudes on her social media pages has disclosed her reasons for towing a wild path.

According to Amara, in a post shared, she reiterated that her choice wasn’t forced but was something she always wanted to do and it earned her a p0rn call.

“I didn’t choose the naked life; the naked life me. I embraced my body and the part of me that lots of people are afraid to confront within themselves. I love eroticism. I take erotic pictures for no reason” she said.

“The agency got drawn to my content after seeing my page on Instagram and contacted me. They don’t have any model in Africa and they decided I would make a great representative for their brand over here”.

“Despite how much I love eroticism, I won’t do porn. I’ve been contacted twice for that with a mouth-watering offer. I love erotic, not sex. I’m a tease. I enjoy teasing men but when they bring out the real deal, I’ll will run away.”Expressing her childlike desires to pursue acting, she says,

“The most important thing for me would be embracing my love for adult content. Starting off my career with comedy and transitioning into a nudist took me a lot and I’m just happy to dance to the rhythm of my soul.

I love making comedy movies and I still get offers for roles. “When the producers and I talk, they will say, ‘are you still the funny Amara I worked with the last time because I don’t recognize who I’m seeing these days anymore?

And I find that so hilarious. I believe a person can be everything they want to be. I don’t have to limit myself to a certain persona, because people are already accustomed to that. We are divine.

We are multi-dimensional beings. We can do everything and anything. Well, I can. I don’t know about others.”It would be recalled that in a separate interview, the budding actress disclosed what life during the COVID-19 was and her plans after the lockdown.

Amara Maduka

Amara said, “The first thing I’d do when the Lockdown is over is to get some really good sex, don’t ask me where from. You know toys are great, but when you have so much time on your hands as we all do now, you get to think about things you really haven’t had time to think about.

“Like how the little things in life, like good sex, really matter, considering the fact that we only live once and we’ve all seen how fragile life is in the past weeks. I’m not having enough sex as a spinster.

“My peaches are the least used part of my body and it’s not fair on the innocent organ. With all the deaths happening around us, I can’t stop thinking “what if?”. No one is sure of anything anymore these days. One has to really take a shot at this one life. I have been making do with my toys even though they’re beginning to bore me,”

Speaking on the intricacies of relationships in this day and age, she responded that;

“I did meet someone not too long, but I still consider myself single. I’m really taking my time because I don’t want to rush. I dated myself for so long it feels a bit awkward letting someone in but we’re taking it slow and he seems to understand.

“I don’t sit around with “plans” for marriage or babies… I’m not trying to be anybody’s wife, literally. It’s great when marriage and kids happen to anyone but I don’t see them as priorities at this point in my journey.

“If God blesses me with them, I would happily play my role as expected, but before then, I got a life to live and things to do,” she concluded.

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Written by Annie Phillips


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