Seun Kuti has spoken against confining women’s role to the kitchen


Singer and instrumentalist, Seun Kuti has implored Africans to stop attaching toxic masculinity to their culture.

According to his Instagram post, he explained that the common proverb that a woman’s place is in the kitchen is contextual. He said that the proverb is nowhere equivalent in any African language and that Africans should stop attaching toxic masculinity to the African culture.

“A woman’s place is in the kitchen? Which kitchen? Whose kitchen? Not our ancestor’s kitchen! This proverb is European without any equivalent in any African language. So before you start attaching your toxic masculinity to African culture ask yourself this, do I know African culture?

“As an African what cultural practices of African heritage do I engage in? Religion education, liberation? If the answer is none, how come you want to suddenly become African to subjugate and oppress your woman?

“Ain’t no such thing as halfway crooks. You are either African or you aren’t, there is no picking and choosing especially when you want to dump your toxic self on our women. REAL AFRICANS ELEVATE THE FEMININE FORM #getthesax”

CANDIID ONLINE recalls that weeks ago, Seun expressed his disappointment towards artistes who hide under the umbrella of his late father’s name as a movement.

In the interview with music executive Ubi Franklin, he revealed that most upcoming talents in the entertainment industry and music in particular disguise under the Fela name.

“Many artistes grew up in religious homes, but they use my father’s name as an excuse to smoke, womanize, be reckless and rude to their elders,” he said.

The singer and instrumentalist who’s reckoned for being very vocal with concerns over topical issues, in a thread of tweets called out the President and his government about their plans for the average Nigerian as the coronavirus continue to spread.

In another string of expressing his views, the father of two, sharing concerns on rising cases of people who tested positive for the COVID-19.

As a result, the federal government called for lockdown and stay at home policy to reduce the widespread. But the problem that lies is that so many persons rely on a daily income to feed and sustain their families.

Seun Kuti

Seun Kuti very displeased at the manner in which things were handled took to his twitter page to pour his outrage on the government, as he alludes that there is a lot of money in the reserve so Nigerians should not be fooled by reports that the government lacks funds to battle the pandemic.

He added that all they are planning now is to steal more funds and let thousands of people suffer.A part of his tweet reads;

“Naija, we have money and we have reserve, do not let politicians or elites fool you or lie to you, they are not willing to spend on the citizens, rather they are thinking of ways to steal and embezzle funds. Otherwise, who is in the custody of the planning economy stimulus package during this meltdown?

Prior to dishing his 2cents on the state of affairs in the country, Seun had earlier lambasted those against the idea of banning of tricycles and motorcycles by the Lagos state government.

Sharing his reason, Seun said that the decision was harsh, but was properly informed considering that in an economic scale of preference such action encouraged safety and security.

He wrote;

“Nigerian professionals have shown their true colors again as large oppressors in waiting. Children dying in the hospital every day they don’t care.

Miseducated and undereducated children they don’t care. Police brutality, no outrage, but tell them to walk from bus stop to the office then the worst has happened!!!

“If you wish for your children or loved ones to be Okada and Keke riders please raise up your hand! We know these ain’t jobs. We pacify those we have failed with slave labor and slave wages and we are ready to fight for them to continue slaving away!! #getthesax,”

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