Here’s How A Nollywood Actress Lamented The Increase In Rate Of Child Abuse And Domestic Violence

Regina Chukwu

Nollywood producer and actress Regina Chukwu has taken to social media to react to recent reports of physical abuse on housemaids and children in general.

Commencing with a question, Regina inquired about the reasons why women go out of their way to display wickedness on people. She also expressed that the woman nature ought to be tender at heart.

Going further, she posed questions on the physical abuse of children and housemaids and the constant reports of child abuse and domestic violence.

The actress and mother of two wrote; “WOMEN pls y’all should come closer I want to ask you all a question —— pls o why we women wicked like this? (Men dey learn) Like I don’t get, aren’t we supposed to be the ones with a very tender and compassionate hearts?

Regina Chukwu

“How come we are stone-hearted, why are we doing this for goodness sake or how do we even start to explain all these wicked acts by women. (Pls read through the news to understand)Okay, please answer”

“Why are we treating our maids like slaves? Did I say, slaves, sorry why are we treating children under our care like ANIMALS? Animals do not deserve some kind of wicked treatments melted on this kids, why?

How can you drive a nail in another woman’s child’s head, how can you be so heartless to use a hot iron on another child’s skin?

“How can you be so wicked to the extent of inserting pepper into a child’s private, how can you subject another woman’s child to sleeping in the toilet, why”

Regina Chukwu

“Please now women please we are mothers (with or without children) we should not trade that soft heart we are meant to have. If that child is stubborn pls return her to her people (it is not by force) Women are WICKED o. I’m afraid”

CANDIID ONLINE reported that days ago, a Living Faith Church deaconess was arrested after she allegedly subjected her ward to a series of brutal torture.

The 14-year-old girl named Princess lived with her parents in Kaduna until they were displaced by bandits following an attack on their community.

As a result, Princess’s parents had to place their daughter in the home of Mrs. Yemi Awolola, a deaconess of Living Faith Church in Barnawa, as they didn’t want her to be homeless.

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