This Nigerian Instagram Celebrity Says Marriage Is Not An Achievement

Bunmi Adeaga

Popular social media influencer and talk show host, Bukunmi Adeaga-Ilori has stated that being married or having kids should not be seen as an achievement.

The beauty influencer who recently celebrated her 30th birthday in June, iterated that the pressure on getting married these days is going off the roof. She also stressed that life is about other elements than marriage.

According to Bukunmi marriage should not be used as a yardstick or standard to measure people’s performance in the field or life achievement.

She also emphasized the need for people to model their lives for themselves and not be influenced by what is attainable aka couple goals on social media. At the end of the day, it’s all about God’s plan and timing, she said.

Taking to her Instagram page, she appealed to her followers to focus on themselves and not see marriage or childbearing as achievements as they’re only blessings from God.

Bunmi Adeaga

She wrote;“Being married is not an achievement! Having children is not an achievement either!

These things are blessings! Only given by God! It has nothing to do with how intelligent, famous or successful you are!

And for these reasons, you can’t make other people’s marriage or children your own standard or yardstick to measure your performance in these fields or your overall success level in life.

Nobody’s marriage is goals! I repeat, NOBODY’S MARRIAGE is goals!! God is the one scoring your own goals! FOCUS ON YOU!!!!”

One of her followers, however, disagreed with the caption expressed that “I agree with the last two paragraphs but saying they aren’t achievements?

Haba!! Being in a happy home is a big achievement as much as it’s a blessing, anything one achieves is a blessing”

Another follower affirming in agreement said “To think this coming from a married woman! Tell them o Kie kie. God bless you”

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