Kanye West Talks Abortion And Free Marijuana At First Campaign Rally

Kanye West has bared his mind on the issues of free marijuana and abortion, promising everyone that has a baby, one million dollars.

According to the music mogul, this will be a support to mothers and also discourage abortion.

Kanye West kicked off his first presidential campaign event in North Charleston, South Carolina, Sunday evening, a day before the state’s deadline to file signatures as an independent candidate.

West invited a couple of young women from the audience to speak on stage about issues that concerned them, such as education inequity and police brutality.

He then launched into a speech that touched on a wide range of topics, from his battle with opioids to his business dealings with Adidas, before elaborating on his pro-life stance.

He broke into tears talking about what he said was his father’s desire to abort him, and his wife having their first child “even when I didn’t want to.”

Kanye West Abortion Marijuana

“I almost killed my daughter. I love my daughter. God wants us to create,” said West, who has four children with Kim Kardashian West.

“No more Plan B — Plan A,” he said, to a mixed response from the audience.
West clarified that he thinks abortion should be legal, but that there should be more support for those who need it.

“The maximum increase would be everybody that has a baby, gets a million dollars or something in that range,” said West.

Kanye West not only discussed abortion, he also argued that marijuana “should be free” and took questions from the audience before the hour-long event ended.

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Written by Mateen Badru


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