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Gideon Okeke Reveals How A Woman Threatened To Frustrate His Acting Career After Spoke Some ‘Truth’

Actor Gideon Okeke took to Instagram to reveal that exactly seven years ago, a woman threatened his career and asked that no one in the industry should employ him.

He said the woman threatened him because of his “truth” being “too truthful”. He added that he cried and he forgave but he never forgot.

“You will never find work in this industry,” the woman told him.

The incident happened at Tinapa, Gideon said. However, he didn’t name the woman who threatened him, neither did he give details of what truth he said that led to the threat.

He said that in spite of her threat, he keeps flourishing in the movie industry and still gets acting gigs and also creates jobs for others.

Read what she wrote

“You will never find work in this industry! Let nobody touch this idiot with a 10 foot pole. Let me see what work you will get in the industry when tinsel ends.”

“That is what she said, today Tinsel still films. I am still finding work, in fact creating work for me and my friends too. I just want to thank her for reminding me that there is GOD and He is not her.”

Reassuring his fans that no body is in charge of your destiny except you give them the ability and power.

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Written by Vivian Ifezue


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