BBNaija 2020 Day 4; Housemates Take A Trip Down Memory Lane, Jam Session & Wager Presentation

Big Brother Naija

The day opened up to a lot of exciting moments and tales of life before the Big Brother House.

Moving in high spirits, and cheering the day for what it has to offer, the housemates indulged in mindless conversations that covered the grounds of politics, music, and getting to know themselves better.

After a bumpy dancercise session with Praise, the housemates went on to engage themselves. Neo picked up a conversation about his tattoos, announcing to the housemates, and the rest of the world, that he absolutely loves ink. “My mother didn’t want me to get it, but I love ink.”

Vee in what seems like a revealing moment said she had never seen a BMW in Lagos. “I’ve seen them in London, but not one in Lagos. I’ve seen more Lamborghinis than BMWs.”

Meanwhile, Laycon in his usual philosophical manner delved into politics with Lilo and Tolanibaj, schooling them on his views as he says “we are all politicians. Politics is everywhere. Politics is about pushing an agenda. Governance is about satisfying needs.”


Wathoni and Trikytee were positioned on the hammock and conversed about travel while Eric and Lilo talked their way through breakfast.

As the day went on, the housemates took turns in sharing stories and making do with the energy that came with space as they transitioned into an unexpected jam session.

Jam Session!

The energy in the room morphed into what appeared to be a moment in time as the housemates got in their musical groove.

From what started as just singing to a group of strangers bouncing off records and chorusing their favorite tracks and the ones that easily come to mind.

Leading the pack, Prince proved to be one for the voice, as he kept with momentum, while Kaisha and Tochi took it even further and created a theme song for the Lockdown housemates.

Erica and Ka3na had no plans to let the party end without a little twerking and money spraying.

Just when it seemed like the party was losing steam, Laycon’s song came on and the house erupted.


A Trip Down Memory Lane

The camera caught Trickytee and Wathoni wrapped up in their stories, sharing seeming experiences and plans for more places to visit.

From a trip to the strip club to interesting restaurants, they both shared what they loved about the places they had been.

Wathoni also shared the rich side of her Kenyan culture and life. The Lockdown gang was tasked to share their travel experiences and adventures with one another.

Each housemate had an interesting travel journal ranging from funny to sad and incredibly cute stories.

House Love

Eric and Lilo, are keeping the house warm with their brewing romance and showing that the bond comes on at any time with the right energy.

Vee and Neo, are beginning to show signs of connectedness, as they make passes and are easily comfortable in each other space. Will other housemates join the song, only time will tell.

Big Brother Naija

Wager Task ‘Get to Know Me’

The first presentation of the season began with the housemates testing their knowledge of familiarity.

Nengi scored a point for answering her question correctly in today’s task presentation, zero points for Eric, Lucy followed at the same speed.

Praise, Dorathy, Brighto, and Tochi got a point each for answering correctly. Zero points for Erica, Neo, Wathoni, and Vee. Kai Sha, in a game of getting-to-know-me, Kaisha forgot her fellow housemate’s name.

Good thing she scored her point correctly! Nengi got penalized for helping Ozo out with ‘expo’ in tonight’s task. Ozo, Laycon, Lilo, and Prince each scored a point.

The game ended with an acknowledgment that there was still more to be learnt about themselves, and hopefully, each housemate will outlast the knowing stage. Till then its back to their chit-chatting before the night finally calls.

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Written by Annie Phillips


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