Two Nigerian Siblings Caught After Committing Lottery Scam in Jamaica

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Two Nigerians residing in Jamaica are to appear in court on Wednesday to answer breaches of the Lottery Scam Act.

They are 34-year-old Folashade Bakare and 32-year-old Yusuf Abiodun Bakare, both from the Nigerian city of Lagos.

CANDIIDONLINE gathered that the siblings will also answer to charges of breaching the Immigration Act.

The two live in Bogue Heights in St James. The police arrested them when they collected packages at the cargo section of the Sangster International Airport.

Customs officers discovered that the packages contained bank cards after they searched them.

The officers invited the police when the duo could not satisfactorily account for the items.

Lottery Scam

An investigation followed and identity information belonging to other persons were allegedly found.

A search of their premises revealed additional devices that reportedly contained identity information of persons residing overseas.

Detectives attached to the Area One Lottery Scam Task Force filed the charges.

Meanwhile, scammers recently stole $10m after hacking the Twitter accounts Of Kanye West, Barack Obama, and Bill Gates.

Others affected were Elon Musk, Kanye West, Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett and the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos.

Hacked people and organisations include Gemini, #Binance, Binance’s CEO, #Coinbase, CoinDesk, and KuCoin, said Hacker News.

To clarify, all the compromised accounts sent out tweets promising to double the money sent by anyone sending money via Bitcoin within the next 30 minutes.

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