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Women Who Sold Sex Workers’ Services Online Whipped 100 Strokes Each

Authorities in Indonesian whipped two women publicly nearly a100 times each for selling sex workers’ services online.

An official in the country’s conservative Aceh province said they got the punishment in Langsa city.

Despite the bans on crowds over Coronavirus fears, several people gathered to watch official lash the pair for the crimes they had committed.

Aji Asmanuddin, the head of Langsa’s Islamic sharia agency, said police arrested the two hijab-wearing suspects in March along with five online sex workers, who could also face a flogging if found guilty of violating Islamic law.

sex workers online

“The government punished them for violating sharia by advertising (sex) through the internet,” Asmanuddin said.

Officials were struggling to crack down on the area’s booming online sex trade, he added.

‘This is the first (pimping) case in Langsa although we believe there are many of them out there,’ Asmanuddin said.

‘We just don’t have the necessary tools to monitor them online.’

Aceh is the only region in Muslim-majority Indonesia to impose Islamic sharia law. So, it allows flogging on several offenses, including prostitution, gambling, adultery, drinking alcohol, and gay sex.

Meanwhile, prostitutes in Germany demonstrated in Hamburg’s red light district demanding that the brothels be allowed to reopen. Prostitution is legal in that country

With shops, restaurants and bars all open again in Germany, online and offline sex workers say they are being singled out.

They claim the ban on brothel closure deprived them of their livelihoods despite not posing a greater health risk.

“The oldest profession needs your help,” read a notice held up by one woman in a brothel window in the Herbertstrasse. Red lights flooded the brothel after being dark since March.

The Association of Sex Workers organised the protest. It said the continued closure of licensed premises is forcing some prostitutes onto the streets.

Above all, storming the street is illegal I’m Germany. It is also a far more dangerous and unhygienic way of working.

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Written by Vivian Ifezue


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