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Dayo Amusa Insist Actresses Are Guilty Of Seducing Movie Producers And Directors For Sex

Dayo Amusa


Popular Nollywood actress Dayo Amusa has revealed that some actresses make theirselves vulnerable to sexual harassment.

She accused most up and coming actresses for throwing themselves at movie producers and directors for sexual exploitation.

The 37-year-old in an interview with The Nation said an adult as every right to say no to predatory men.

However, she lamented that most upcoming actresses in the industry run after producers and directors.

Asked if she had experienced sexual harassment in the industry, actress Dayo Amusa said: “No, I have not, but something similar happened to me in my early years.”

Actress Dayo Amusa

“A director might see an upcoming (sic) actress and say I like you, but you cannot be forced and it is so sad that these upcoming (sic) actresses are coming to fire the directors and producers to have their way.

“It’s not that the directors are the one taking advantage of them.

“Even the so-called girls as well come in making themselves vulnerable to the producers to get roles fast. So it takes two to tango.”

The actress added that the industry is quite big and there are many people competing for space.

“I believe everybody wants to find their space and some people might see it as a competition, but as far as I am concerned, the sky is so big for everybody to take his or her space.

“For anybody that thinks they have to go the extra mile, that’s their problem.

“Just do your thing because people are watching,” she told her interviewer.

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Written by Vivian Ifezue


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