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Lizzy Anjorin Shuts Down Stupid Trending Rumor Her Husband Had Children With His Niece


Controversial Yoruba actress, Lizzy Anjorin-Lawal, cried out and debunked the rumours that her husband once married and bore kids with one of his nieces, Temitope Toba.

Lizzy cried out and dragged the owner of Global Excellence Magazine, Mayor Akinpelu. She asked him to supply the proofs backing his claims.

Recall the actress recently got married to her long time friend and associate Ahmed Lawal.

Reacting to the libelous publication Akinpelu made, Anjorin spoke via to her official Instagram page.

She wrote:

“Lord Mayor Sir:

It’s time to tell the world the event at R&A hotel, Ikeja

With due respect sir, I, Elizabeth Ibukunoluwa Aisha Anjorin-Lawal is known for standing on my ground when it comes to *MY RIGHT*.
I am known for helping people and helping mankind. Sir, since you and your platform has shown consistent attempts at spoiling your name and trying so hard to bring yourself down not me sir, I will be forced to tell the world what happened at the popular R&A hotel, Ikeja.

I will have no choice but to do this because, the world also deserves to know that, almighty Lord Mayor is a LORD DEMON.

No 1,, You will need to provide a DNA result of these beautiful kids to prove they are truly MR LAWAL’s kids.
Note that:

Swipe 1, You just accused Mr. Lawal of engaging in INCEST. This is because MRS TEMITOPE TOBA’S MUSLIM NAME (MARIAM), (Not Kenny) is a Niece of Mr Lawal and married to Mr Michael Toba.

Swipe 2,
One of your Editors, Akin Sokoya wrote a libelous story against me which made me lose a contract of 32million some years back.

Swipe 3, The Editor Folorunso Amzat is not left out of this. It’s clear to a blind man that MAYOR AKINPELU has been trying so hard to ruin himself not me for a very long time for a reason I can’t wait to tell the world if you failed to explain.

This is 2020. I have endured so many humiliations in the past with the Lord Mayor and his team at Global Excellence.
But now am standing tall to defend my family name ANJORIN & LAWAL with the help of truth and justice.

I know you are a Journalist. But, you will need to be at your best to prove how a niece married her Uncle and had 3 kids for him without INCEST.

Failure to do this sir, the world will see who you are. I call on all fans and lovers of Lizzy Anjorin.

Global Excellence and Mayor Akinpelu must go DOWN if Lord Mayor fails to prove the paternity of these 3kids linked with my HUSBAND.

And clear the allegation of INCEST.

If you can’t congratulate me on my little achievement, Then, you don’t need to create lies to mislead and deceive the public. She concluded

The secret wedding between Lizzy Anjorin and her husband has kept people talking due to the quiet nature of planning and executing the ceremony, since she is known to be a loud individual. And also the issue of promiscuity on her husband part, with different women coming out to claim him as their husband and father to their children.

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Written by Vivian Ifezue


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