5 Interesting Ways Robert Trump Differed From US President Donald T

Robert, the younger brother of U.S. President, Donald Trump has died at age 72.

He died at a hospital in New York, the US President said in a statement.

Trump visited his brother in hospital after White House officials said Robert had become seriously ill.

Robert, the youngest of the Trump siblings had remained close to the 74-year-old Donald.

Robert Trump Donald

However there are at least five ways both Trump businessmen, Robert and Donald, differed in their personalities. Let’s explore them.

1. Robert quieter than Donald

Donald Trump once described his younger brother as “much quieter and easygoing than I am”. And also, as “the only guy in my life whom I ever call ‘honey’”.

2. Robert is the nice Trump

Robert Trump began his career on Wall Street working in corporate finance but later joined the family business, managing real estate holdings as a top executive in the Trump Organization.

“When he worked in the Trump Organization he was known as the nice Trump,” Gwenda Blair, a Trump family biographer, told the Associated Press.

“Robert was the one people would try to get to intervene if there was a problem.”

3. The Donald bullied the younger Trump

Robert Trump was born in 1948, the youngest of New York City real estate developer Fred Trump’s five children.

“I have a wonderful brother,” the president during a news conference at the White House on Friday, the same day he had visited him in hospital. “We had a great relationship for a long time, from Day 1,” he said.

But their relationship could be turbulent. The president, more than two years older than Robert, admitted bullying his brother in their younger years, even as he praised his loyalty and laid-back demeanour.

“I think it must be hard to have me for a brother but he’s never said anything about it and we’re very close,” Donald Trump wrote in his 1987 bestseller The Art of the Deal.

“Robert gets along with almost everyone,” he added, “which is great for me since I sometimes have to be the bad guy.”

4. Donald once denounced Robert

In the 1980s Donald Trump tapped Robert to oversee an Atlantic City casino project. He called him the perfect fit for the job. When it cannibalised his other casinos, though, “he pointed the finger of blame at Robert”. Blair, author of The Trumps: Three Generations that Built an Empire, said.

“When the slot machines jammed the opening weekend at the Taj Mahal, he very specifically and furiously denounced Robert, and Robert walked out and never worked for his brother again,” Blair said.

5. Donald is the newsmaker

A Boston University graduate, Robert later managed the Brooklyn portion of father Fred Trump’s real estate empire, which was eventually sold.

Robert had kept a lower profile in recent years. Unlike Donald, “he was not a newsmaker,” Blair said.

He avoided the limelight during his elder brother’s presidency, having retired to the Hudson Valley.

Robert and Donald reportedly reconciled at that time, with Robert describing himself as a big supporter of the White House run in a 2016 interview with the New York Post.

“I support Donald one thousand percent,” Robert Trump said.

5. Robert lacked Donald Trump’s charismatic and showmanship

Authors Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher described Robert Trump as soft spoken but cerebral.

In their book, ‘Trump Revealed: The Definitive Biography of the 45th President’, they wrote: “He (Robert) lacked Donald’s charismatic showmanship, and he was happy to leave the bravado to his brother, but he could show flashes of Trump temper.”

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