Yinka Ayefele Speaks After Oludare Akande Gifted Him A Standing Wheelchair

Yinka Ayefele has expressed his delight over a recent gift which standing allows him stand to perform his songs.

Celebrated singer, Yinka Ayefele, has expressed delight after he was able to stand with the help of a standing wheelchair gifted to him by Hon Oludare Akande.

Yinka Ayefele sustained a spinal cord injury after an accident and he has been using a wheelchair since then.

The talented gospel singer usually performs while sitting in his wheelchair. But this new highly sophisticated machine means he can now perform while standing.

Ayefele shared a video of himself trying out the standing wheelchair Akande gave him. He was in a sitting position on the wheelchair, then he pressed a button on the machine and it helped him stand upright.

“So, I can stand up to sing anywhere,” the delighted singer said.

Yinka Ayefele thanked Hon Oludare Akande, aka Obama I’america, for the wheelchair. He also expressed hope that he will one day stand on his own.

He wrote:

I feel so relieved of my pain…
Hon Oludare Akande bought this for me.
You will never experience pains in your entire life. Thanks so much..Dare Akande tinje Obama lamerica…

You raise my hope of walking again.

I believe!!!.

And it shall be a breaking news

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Written by Mateen Badru


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