Kate Henshaw Posts A Tweet That Mocks Nigerians Who Want Celebrities To Protest Hike In Fuel Price

Kate Henshaw

Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw has slammed fans and critics who swiftly call on celebrities to protest against the government.

The movie star took to her Twitter page on Friday, September 4, 2020, where she called out those expecting celebs to fight on their behalf.

“It’s been a while but you see silence sometimes gives cretins the temerity to think that because the walls are down goat fit climb house. Who are you pointing at to go fight for you?” she tweeted.

“Celebrities koor, celebrities ni. What HAVE YOU DONE?? Have you been tear gassed before?”

“You type with your phalanges and raise a crooked finger pointing at another while you lay on your backside so that what??

We ALL have to get uncomfortable and NO, we are NOT ready. So stick your opinion where the sun don’t shine.”

Kate Henshaw

According to her, there are several people she has identified that constantly cry out for celebrities to step in and protest against the government.

Henshaw’s tweet suggests that it is connected to the recent decision by the federal government after it announced that it was increasing the electricity tariffs and price of fuel.

Henshaw was born in Cross River State, the oldest of four children. After completing her primary and secondary education in Lagos and Calabar, Nigeria.

She spent one year at the University of Calabar reading remedial studies and then majored in Medical Microbiology at the School of Medical Lab Science afterward, LUTH (Lagos University Teaching Hospital) in Lagos.

Henshaw worked at the Bauchi State General hospital. Prior to becoming an actress, Henshaw worked as a model, featuring in various commercials including a print and television advert for Shield deodorant.

In 1993, Henshaw auditioned for the lead role in the movie When the Sun Sets and was won the role.

This was her first appearance in a major Nollywood movie. Henshaw has starred in over 45 Nollywood movies.

In 2008 she won the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role for the film Stronger than Pain. She was also “The Face of Onga” and a judge on Nigeria’s Got Talent.

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