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Six People Rema Dissed In His Twitter Rant 

Nigerian singer Rema went on a Twitter rant where he dropped strong words for different people, including his fans, haters, the government and fellow industry people.

In a 24 series of tweets Rema released on Monday, he poured out his mind about different issues.

But the tweets made some people compare him to American rapper Kanye West who loves going on this kind of ranting.

The messages are very long and indirect, making it hard to decode who exactly Rema referred to.

Rema Twitter Rant

However, there is no doubts that Rema referred to these six persons in the Twitter rant.

1. The girl who underrated him before the fame

It’s like Rema has had his own fair share of rejection and heartbreak early in life.

The singer told the girl who underrated and rejected him before the fame came that he is reaping the benefits of the she caused him.

“To the girl who rejected me before this fame, I’m eating the royalties off this pain,” he wrote.

2. His first sound engineer

Rema tweeted that before success came his way, his first sound engineer abandoned him because he couldn’t pay the guy at that time. But Ozedikus came through for him.

He wrote, “Ozedikus took risks for me, he was under a management with guidelines. He sneaked beats to me…. so I could record when my first engineer left me because we couldn’t pay him at the time. All the beats Ozedikus sneaked are now HITS”

3. Nigeria government

Rema also dropped word for the Nigerian government. He spoke on the new police law government just sign which has caused serious concerns in the country.

The new law allows police officers to search and arrest anybody they suspect of stealing without warrant.

“I bet y’all don’t know that the Nigerian government signed a new Law enabling the police to arrest and search your phones without warrant. THE TWITTER TRENDS ARE NOT ENOUGH, MY GENERATION WAKE UP!!” Rema wrote.

4. Show promoters

The singer also slammed show promoters who frustrate his ideas to life when he is performing on stage

Rema lamented that show promoters limit him even when he is ready to pay from his pocket to bring the ideas to life.

“Promoters, I have visions for all y’all shows but sometimes y’all limit me. It’s not really about the cash, You don’t let me bring my vision to life even when I wanna pay for it, talkin bout ‘your stage is not strong’ my generation wanna RAVE!!! start building STRONGER STAGES.

5. His late brother’s friends

Most of his fans are finding out for the first time through his Twitter rant that Rema had lost his brother.

According to Rema, when his brother died, only two of his friends stood by the death bed. But when he threw house parties while alive, everybody would flock around.

Rema wrote, “When my late brother did house parties y’all came, when he died only 2 friends stood beside his death bed. That’s why I’m not comfortable around people, they love me because I have something to offer. You know yourselves don’t let me catch you!!!”

6. PDP

It’s not too clear what the singer referred to. but he demanded explanation for his father’s death from the Peoples Democratic Party.

You can read the rest of the singer’s tweets on his verified Twitter page @heisrema.

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